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The short story about the big relationship

West Ohio Conference team in the Samara region.
January 2012
The video produced by Max



Samara, Russia: Dee


Samara, Russia: John


Samara, Russia: Jay


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Novokujbyshev Dance #3


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Novokujbyshev Dance #4


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Christmas Celebration at Children’s Home

Samara Children’s Home #1 had it’s Christmas party today, a day earlier than Christmas falls on the Eastern Orthodox calendar.

The boys, girls and our team were entertained by some of the very talented children that call this place home. There was a variety of music, both sung and performed,

games, fortunes for the new year, sports and of course gifts, provided by the love and generosity of people around the West Ohio Conference.

Five Memebrs of the teamagainst one boy in
musical chairs…want to guess who won?

It is a blessing to be present and witness the joy of these children. To see them laugh and squeal with delight is heartwarming knowing that they too can have special day in celebration of Christ’s birth.


Giving of gifts, each child received shoes, sweater, socks, something fun and a candy cane.

Brian Twitchell celebrated his 22 birthday with us today.

This afternoon, Cecil Baughman taught a music class turning the endless energy of the children from Christmas sweets into music.

Music Class

It is a sad day for Lusia and I as we will be departing for home early Saturday morning. We have a wonderful visit at this very special place and will long remember our time here…hopefully we brought joy, happiness and the knowledge that they are loved to these wonderful children.