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International Women’s Day prayer in Samara

Samara United Methodist Church has been taking part in the for many years. This year, traditionally, we gathered in St. George’s church to pray for women of Malaysia. The participating brothers and sisters are from Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic and other churches. The leaders were brightly dressed. They told us about the country, its political and social structure. We were shown videos about people’s life, their problems and joys. We all prayed a lot, sang christian hymns, listened to the sermon of Natalia Prokhorova – Superintendent of Methodist church. Moreover, we gathered offerings for the women of Malaysia and then had dinner where people from different churches came to eat Malaysian food together and to have a peaceful communication. That wonderful tradition helps to live in peace and joy with Christians of other denominations, it makes us closer and helps to understand each other. We share joyful moments, problems and future plans. The pastors have decided to have gathered summer prayer meetings outdoors, in the country – on the other side of the river Volga.
See you next time!
Pastor Olga Ganina, Samara UMC

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