Monthly Archives: February 2012

Moments of this past summer

These days are really cold in Samara, but we gathered in church in the presence of God and it got warmer. We remembered our summer of 2011. We remembered how we celebrated “Church’s day” , how we were all together, just as a small family these sunny days. The family of Samara United Methodist church and God’s family enlarged those days as 13 people were baptized or conformed their baptism then. They said “Yes, Lord”.
They are all in church now. Today we entered Lent, had the Ash service, remembered our summer and wanted to share these warm feelings with you. Hope you got warmer, too.
With God’s Love, Samara United Methodist Church
DS Natalia Prokhorova
Eurasia United Methodist Church
Video by Max Kvaytkovski


Visit Youth of Samara church to forum in St. Petersburg

Christian youth forum “You are the light to the world” was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Traditionally it gathered more than 50 active young people from cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan; and the topic of it this year was a verse from Scripture “Now is the time”. Well-organized program of lectures, sermons, prayer gatherings, workshops and discussions helped young leaders to be fully immersed in the time of studying, communication with God and knowing each other and themselves.
Young leaders from Samara United Methodist church also had this great opportunity to participate in the forum. Blessed time fully devoted to God brought revelations and new energy for ministries! Asja has come with ideas to revitalize and renew Sunday school, Yuri is ready to serve old people and adults by teaching them how to use modern technologies and Internet, Maxim has come with an experience of leading small groups. For each of the participants “Now is the time ”message has opened in different ways. Some felt the time to begin ministries, others realized the vital importance of evangilism, some are ready now to change their lives to serve people and our Lord.
Now, you too know that now is the time! Go ahead, face the challenge!
by Max Kvyatkovski